IACAPAP Textbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health

Rey JM (editor). IACAPAP e-Textbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health.  Geneva. International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions 2012.

Ladattavissa vapaasti verkosta 

IACAPAP’s electronic book brings together available technologies and resources to make learning more accessible, more efficient and more fun. For example, readers of the chapter on normal development can click and watch no less than the famous developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, explain and illustrate his theories of cognitive development. While reading the chapter on other substances of abuse, view a clip from Samson and Delilah, an Australian feature film which graphically depicts the deleterious effects of petrol sniffing in an aboriginal teenager. Learn how to identify and rate the early manifestations of autism by watching a series of video clips, or listen to lectures by the best experts, or view video clips that can be used to educate parents and patients. The most recent and authoritative practice guidelines, free-to-use rating scales and questionnaires and the full text of hundreds of key publications are only a click away from your screen (text in blue signals a hyperlink). In our case, we are privileged to have not only a variety of media forms but also highly instructive text, but what you have on your screens today is only the beginning, a beta version, a skeleton: much flesh is to be added yet.

IACAPAP textbook